Welcome to the official web page of Veselin Hasabaliev – a manufacturer of Bulgarian folk musical instruments and teacher! In this page you will find all the instruments, which the master produces. From 1983 till now, he has accumulated many years of experience in the manufacturing of shepherd's pipes, bagpipes, wooden pipes, zourlas, drums and souvenirs .
          The master has created instruments for pupils from NUFI “Filip Kutev” – town of Kotel, NUFI “Shiroka Laka” – village of Shiroka Laka, for students and teachers from AMPTII – city of Plovdiv and for many musicians from the country and abroad.
          Shepherd's pipes made by Veselin Hasabaliev own Prof. Ljuben Dosev, Vladimir Velichkov and Nedyalko Nedyalkov, who is the first pupil and the great pride of the master .

          Veselin Hasabaliev was born in the town of Haskovo, he has completed his secondary musical education in NUFI “Shiroka Laka” with a teacher on shepherd's pipe Dimo Zhelev.
          In 1986, he has graduated AMTII in the city of Plovdiv with a university degree, where his teachers were Prof. Milcho Vasilev and Prof. Ljuben Dosev